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How to list your CBD and Vape Items for sale as easy as....


You know....this last week has been really tough. I had to emotionally process the death of a family member and take a few days off. This affected order shipments. And I apologize about that. But I couldn’t help but think that we should empower sellers or distributors..so when I have a bad day, you can keep it going! 

It has taken several months of work to get this ready for you and am quite excited to share. 

Distributors can now list their CBD or Vape products for sale! Volume is strongly encouraged.

There’s no fee to list your items. Contact us at hello@distagram.com on question on how to get started :) 



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Happy customers make us happy

There is no better job security in the world than a satisfied customer.

Too experience this feeling of a happy, satisfied customer is to feel like we have all won. It is hard to describe, it is this great feeling of satisfaction of adding real value and benefit to peoples lives that keeps us all going.

What a great feeling and purpose!

So below is a link to an entrepenuer recommended to me by ed rosenthals people. I was told she has an incredible brand just up north of where our business is located and after having a great conversation with her I could not agree more. Check out her rejunation line here 

And I suppose that has a lot to do with the markets we represent.  

Okay, so we have a lot of releases coming out. I want to talk about them because they are exciting and will be beneficial for entreprenuers. I want to talk about it but we are close enough where we would rather just do it and then talk about it, collect feedback and push from there.

So excited!!!!



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CBD For Pets


We have been quiet as of late. Slowly pushing through updates. We pushed through a user interface update a couple days ago. Check from your phone and let me know what you think. Email me at john@distagram.com or set up an account and shoot me a message,  I respond to emails pretty quickly. Always want to hear your thoughts.

We added some pet products today from Medterra today. We love pets and so do you or atleast most people I know. A pet is like a child. Sometimes they make you really happy and other times they do things to annoy you extremely. But they usually are angling for your time in one way or another.

They love your presence, they love being around you....and subconsciosly we all feel and appreciate that. Spending the majority of my time focused on Distagram, my puppy reminds of this thing called day light. I love my dog unconditionally, he feels like an extension of my personality and in some ways he is if I were an adorable furry puppy who coudlnt speak english but knew a few words. So there are more products on our site, edibles but below are a few tinctures that just went online. Check them out and let me know what you think.





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All CBD Jelly Beans have been Shipped!!! (plus CBD Jelly Bean Review)

I am a huge fan of David Klein, the guy who created the Jelly Belly trademark. He is the first person I have ever had a conversation with who required me to watch his documentary as a prerequisite to friendship. And he's absolutely right, you really need to watch his documentary to understand him. I was so grateful to be on the phone with him, absolutely in awe. This guy had Ronald Reagan promoting his Jelly Beans and the way his "business partners" screwed him was wrong. He made that brand. He really did. 

The sugar free is really really amazing. I was blown away by the smell, texture, and taste. I have never had a gourmet jelly bean. We all have different bodies but I felt the CBD right away, I mean its really not that different than a gel capsule. So the delivery is quite fast. Amanda will be posting a product review video online on Monday or Tuesday. 

As much nationwide attention as they have been receiving, Spectrum Confections deserves arguably more. 

A great tasting sugar free CBD product? That in itself is big news. 

All preorders and orders placed before cutoff were all shipped out today. And we offer same day shipping as of now. So no waiting.

Orders placed today will go out on Monday. 

We have some really really amazing updates coming along and we cant wait to share. 

Have a great weekend!!!



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What’s all the buzz over this sweet, sugar free, treat?

David Klein, creator of Jelly Belly (TM), let the beans spill about his newest CBD infused confection.

There is a humming in the air over something sweet, but all the noise isn’t the bees buzzing over their honey! This week started off with an announcement about the most exciting candy to be released this spring.  This little confection is not meant for your child’s Easter basket though. CBD jelly beans from David Klein, founder of Jelly Belly (TM), are finally here and packs of sugar free ones are available on Distagram.com  That’s right, Distagram has the newest candy from Spectrum (TM) Confections. One look at Food Insider or Delish.com and you can see the “buzz” is also that they are sold out but-Distagram has them for sale now! 

Sugar Free Pictured above

The beans have 10mg of CBD each, making them a convienient dosing option for low levels of CBD.  They come in packs of 10, for a total of 100/mg of CBD per package.  People are already asking if they will get to see these on their next vacation to the Jelly Belly (TM) factory in Fairfield, CA-and the answer to that is, no.  These are created by the founder of Jelly Belly (TM) so you can count on those delectable gourmet flavors you would expect from everyone’s favorite jelly bean maker but they are a product by Spectrum (TM) Confections.  You can order an assorted pack of the sugar free, sour, or traditional on Distagram. I don’t know about you, but I genuinely can’t wait to try all the flavors. 






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Happy Sugar Free Sunday!!!

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Positive vibes. Just a heads up we are pushing through updates like crazy. So thats whats going on :)

So I noticed the sugar free section has been very popular this weekend....or atleast yesterday, I suppose the weekend is not over yet. One of my really good friends stopped by a few days ago and she cant eat anything. I am surprised she isnt allergic to air and I gave her one of the sugar free sprig sodas. She loved them.

And honestly I didnt realize the melon soda was sugar free so thats good for everyone. They taste really amazing and with that CBD affect you really just LOVE this soda and have no idea why :)  

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The MOST Motivating Thing That Happened Last Week (Free Samples)

So one of the orders I got last week....and I know the customer was happy because they saved like a hundred bucks on some full spectrum 1500 super concentrated nutralife product. I like when customers order the hyper concentrated stuff because they understand the benefits of CBD, they save the most money, and they actually use it. Oh and some of the stories you get to hear as customers start to heal and improve.....really just make your day.

He was getting this for his wife, the supplier and I had a miscommunication...BUT the customer actually got his product faster than he or I expected AND because they ordered a decent amount I made sure to include a strawberry cheesecake   and a key lime bar cbd for his wife as well. 

It felt really good to provide a customer over a $140 of savings and we look forward to making this marketplace even more and more accesible to the masses. 




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Updating the logo, buttons, and url

If you have checked the site over the last 24-48 hours you will see a lot of user interface "things" going on. The url has changed and while I am not touting my own horn.....I designed the logo thats showing up in the next few hours and am probably responsible for the formatting issues it has created. You will see and I am sure it will be a much bigger deal to us than it is to you but I really really hope you like it. If you have been keeping tabs on us over the last month we have been ramping up our updates and are very grateful for the response we have been recieving. 

TIP: We have some pretty big deals on nutralife this week going on ;)

As you see these updates and this explosion of traffic....please remember it is free to set up a merchant account, you have to pass an extremely scrutinizing underwriting process and are subject to public scutiny....which is a good thing because then customers have an additional layer of assurance. This will allow you to process credit cards on your own website or through us. So either way you win. 



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Benefits of pure CBD isolate

As these wonderful days progress I am spending more and more time experimenting with different CBD products. One of the most common arguements I have heard was the full spectrum versus pure cbd isolate debate. Which is better for me? And I learned that the different use cases make an actual difference.

For example, with a full spectrum CBD product because it has those tiny bits of marijuana its going to make you a little sleepier. Versus a CBD isolate type of product that is more for day time use, products that suppliers sell to people working out etc. A super strong full spectrum CBD product has benefits including great sleep but for my body the straight CBD isolates are definetly what I use for daytime use. Sugar free products like these are my favorites and anyone that references this blog post in your order gets a free full spectrum lollipop along with that sugar free CBD Pinneaple edible. 

THEN you have the CBD isolate and the full spectrum, really curious as to what you think :)




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Just expanded the "Sugar Free CBD" section ;)

Alright so sugar free items that taste good are incredibly important.

As a wanna be vegetarian or atleast..... ATLEAST lose a couple pounds because I am used to going to the gym but tore a muscle in my shoulder so cant lift weights as I need time for my muscle to repair. The CBD takes care of the pain problem but the muscle still needs time to repair.

That is a legitimate excuse. Atleast thats what I tell myself.

I have to pay more attention to my diet in this transitional not working out phase. A huge step of that is eliminating as much sugar out of my diet as I personally can possibly stand. I love the chocolates that we reperesent. We have fast absorption 120mg and 500mg bars and it is an experience. 

Sometimes people have no choice but to eliminate sugar completely out of their diet. These AMAZING people still deserve edibles that taste AMAZING! 

Just type in "sugar free" in the search bar and you will see. These are dried fruits and it has the CBD isolate directly infused with no additional sugars added. And with great prices. Like checkout this fruit medley deal.




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